Wearing Bikinis for Other Reasons

Most men think of the beach or swimming pools when they think of wearing bikinis. That is the most obvious reason that comes to mind when anyone thinks of a bikini and with good reason. However, that could not be more inaccurate. The thing is that you must have a bit of an imagination if you are going to find the other reasons for bikinis. If you don’t happen to have a great imagination, then you may be able to pick up an idea or two here.

First of all, bikinis can serve as great underwear no matter if you have on a business suit or a pair of jeans. Wearing bikinis in place of briefs or tightie whities turn you into a much more interesting and sexier man. It shows that you are open to doing a few things differently in life and that you may be just a tiny bit unconventional. That makes you more attractive to others because they are used to men that follow a rigid way of doing things. Those men would never put on a bikini in place of normal underwear.

Of course, you may be one of those men that already buy bikini underwear. If that is the case, then wearing bikinis in place of ordinary undies is probably not such a big deal for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who never breaks the rules, then this is a huge step in a new direction for you. It should make you feel quite proud of yourself for stepping outside of the proverbial box. Go a little crazy! Choose wild colors and styles. You never know who might see them. If you have a partner, bikinis can turn you into a sexy beast for them. If you are single, those bikinis just might land you a partner. You won’t know until you try.







The Joys of Wearing Bikinis

If you have never thought about wearing bikinis, then you should probably start looking into them. Sure, you may look a bit silly at first. Most guys do, after all. But the amount of comfort you are going to be able to find while wearing a bikini beats the pants off the silliness you might feel while having them on. I didn’t think I would like them at all until I actually went out to the beach in a bikini for the first time and was told how sexy I looked in them, repeatedly, by different people.  www.koalaswim.com   The ultimate in men’s bikini swimwear.

Wearing bikinis has become my new favorite past time when I am off from work. I have even worn a bikini under my pants while I was at work, but that didn’t give me the same sensation that I have walking around on the beach in one. I thought it would be sexy to have a bikini on under my pants, but it was more annoying than anything else. I guess I am one of those people that can’t wear things like that and focus on the things that actually needs to get done during the day.

On the other hand, give me a few hours on the beach while wearing bikinis and I will be the most relaxed guy you know. The only problem I have now is trying to find sexier bikinis than the ones that I already have. Well, not trying to find them as that is pretty easy. But in trying to pick out the ones that I am actually going to buy. That is the hardest part about wearing these bikinis because I want to purchase and wear every single one of them that I find. Maybe one of these days I will have that kind of money but, for now, I will have to settle for one or two a month until then.

Getting Ready for Wearing Bikinis


As summertime draws ever closer, it is time to start getting ready for wearing bikinis to the beach as well as resort and hotel swimming pools. Most men get started early in the year to either bulk up or slim down their bodies so that they will be ready to successfully wear those bikinis in public. They choose a healthy diet followed by a specialized workout program and set about getting themselves in decent shape for the many eyes that will be upon them as soon as they hit the beach.


Something else that needs to be done in preparation for the summer of wearing bikinis is the shaving routine that needs to be maintained. If this is a regular part of their hygiene ritual, then it won’t be that big of a deal. On the other hand, if they wait until it is close to summer before they start shaving or waxing, it can turn into quite a pain in the ass. You see, that hair will grow back during the fall and winter months when getting rid of it is something that is put on hold. That’s why it is always advisable to just continue to shave or wax once you begin.


One day, after all of the hard work that you have put into looking like a Greek god, you will stand in front of your mirror and realize that you’re ready to start wearing bikinis in public. Not only that, but people will stare at you in admiration and, possibly, lust. This is something that is sure to make you smile from ear to ear. It also shouldn’t be a shock to your system if people start trying to hit on you and leave you with their phone numbers. That’s when you know that it was worth giving up pizza and beer for a couple of months in order to get this kind of attention.


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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy!






Wearing Bikinis for a Better World


I have been wearing bikinis for a long time and I think more people should try them out for themselves. I know that wearing something like this might not be acceptable for everyone just yet, but there are some designs that really need to get more public attention. If they did get people wearing them more often, then there is a good chance that other designs would be welcomed at beaches around the world. Then, we could start opening up about who we are and what we expect out of life.

I imagine a world where guys and gals are all wearing bikinis on the beach and there is no more war. I know, right? What kind of crazy thinking is that? But it’s true. I think that if more people were willing to open up about their sexuality and the desires they try to hide within themselves, then the more acceptable others would be with their own secret lives. If we could all just accept each other for who we are rather than what we think others should be, then the world wouldn’t need to have any wars anymore.

Of course it would mean that everyone out there would be wearing bikinis and there are some people that really shouldn’t be wearing things like this out in public. In fact, the wrong people wearing bikinis in public might just start wars of another kind. But I could look past something like this as long as they were wearing a bikini that highlighted certain parts of their body that did look good. It might actually help curb the obesity problem in the world by forcing people to eat healthier and get more exercise because they only have bikinis to wear. I have just cured multiple issues the world has been ignoring for centuries by making people wear skimpy bikinis. I think I should get a Nobel Peace prize out of this, don’t you?

The Evolution of Men Wearing Bikinis

There are a lot of guys wearing bikinis these days and I have to applaud them for it. I never would have thought that having a bikini on would look all that good for a guy, but the designs that are coming out now have changed my mind completely. If you would have told me ten years ago that there would be guys wearing things like this out on the beach, I would have laughed in your face. Now, ten years later, I am one of those guys walking around in a bikini and I absolutely love it.

Wearing bikinis in public can be a bit risky at times, though. I have been to more than one beach that told me I couldn’t wear my bikini in public. I can understand that there would be some people that would be upset by seeing me flaunting my body in a bikini, but they let women do it all the time and no one complains. I think that guys should have the ability to wear a bikini out on the beach if that’s what they want. There is nothing wrong with showing off the male body as far as I am concerned and that is why I spend a lot of time at beaches that allow mens bikinis.

Not only do I enjoy wearing bikinis myself, but I enjoy seeing other guys wearing them. I love seeing the new designs that are being created and worn by younger men as it gives me an idea for what I will be wearing next. I have found most of my designs by seeing other guys wearing them out on the beach, which makes things a lot easier on me. I am not the kind of guy that is comfortable buying any kind of bikini unless I have seen it worn by someone first.

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Wearing Bikinis for Relaxation


Wearing bikinis is something that I like to do during the summer whenever I have some free time. I don’t usually have that much free time, though, so it doesn’t happen as often as I would like. However, when I get a couple of hours to sit by the pool, I always pick out a sexy bikini wear while I am there. Some guys get the opportunity to spend days in their bikinis, which is something I would love to be able to do but I work so much that it just never happens for me. Even when I take a vacation I don’t have the time to wear one very often.

I look at wearing bikinis as a way of relaxing and relieving some of the stress that goes on in my life. Work is very important to me, as I have taken a small one-man home business and turned it into a corporation, but I do realize that there needs to be time set aside just for me. I also know that there are plenty of people walking around with their bikinis on under their clothing. I tried that a few times but I felt a bit awkward when I tried doing that myself.

I think that wearing bikinis is something that I need to do more often, but finding the time to do it isn’t happening just yet. I will do my best to set some time aside in the evening so that I can relax by my pool and have my bikini on in the hopes that that will be enough for me. If I can do something like that every couple of nights, then I think I could eventually find a way of wearing a bikini every day as time goes on. Maybe one day I will retire to a tropical beach and the only thing I will be wearing is a bikini.

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Fulfilling My Dream of Wearing Bikinis in Public


If you are planning on wearing bikinis out in public, you need to make sure that you are willing to show off that much of your body. Most guys don’t really think about what they are doing when they get involved in wearing something like this and they always pick out something they probably shouldn’t be wearing. Once they get it on and see how ridiculous they look in it, they end up changing their mind about ever wearing a bikini again and miss out on all the fun they could have in their life.

I was one of those guys that thought wearing bikinis was only for women until I started seeing guys on the beach wearing them. I ended up realizing that I could be like those guys if I took the time to find the right design. What I didn’t realize then was just how long it was going to take for me to find the right design. I figured there wouldn’t be all that many to look through, but I was wrong. I never knew there were that many styles of mens bikinis out there to choose from, but I still took my time to make sure I would be comfortable in my own bikini.

After looking for a very long time, I finally found the right designs and I was finally realizing my dream of wearing bikinis in public. I know it is strange to think of this as a dream, but that’s what it was turning into for me. I wanted nothing more than to go out in public and show off my bikini the way it was meant to be seen. Finding the right design is very important so make sure you take your time. You don’t want to be like those other guys that end up hating bikinis for the rest of their lives.


Wearing Bikinis for Others’ Enjoyment


There was a time when I saw women wearing bikinis and wondered what it would be like for guys to be able to wear the same thing. Those times have arrived and I have seen a lot of men out there wearing these bikini designs. I have been amazed at the differences that these guys bring to the beach whenever I see them walking around. I am fascinated by these men so much that I finally decided to go ahead and bite the bullet; buying my very own bikini to see what it is all about.

Now I am walking around on the beach wearing bikinis and, I must say, that it is a completely different experience than I thought it was going to be. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be something that I would actually enjoy when I first put my bikini on in the house, but taking it out to the beach has shown me just how enjoyable it can be. It’s definitely better being able to show them off and get the excited reactions than it is to wear it around the house and second guess ever buying them.


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I have discovered that I truly enjoy wearing bikinis around people that like looking at them. It’s not that much fun to walk down a beach and have people yell at you because they don’t agree with what you are wearing. Thankfully, people are starting to get used to the fact that I wear a bikini on the beach and they aren’t as rude as they were the first couple of times. Now I get a lot of compliments from both men and women and that has given me the confidence to try other designs out on the public. It just feels good that I can change so many minds simply by what I am wearing.

Wearing Bikinis and Evolution


Wearing bikinis has become so normal these days that most guys don’t even realize that this used to be something that was banned on most beaches. They see guys walking around in some of the sexiest bikinis ever created and see it as something that is completely normal for them. However, it wasn’t too long ago that, if you tried wearing something like this out to a public beach, you would be arrested or forced to leave the beach to put something else on. Thankfully, those days are fading into obscurity now and we can all walk around free and happy with our bikinis.

Sure, there are still a handful of beaches around the world that don’t like men wearing bikinis in public, but those beaches aren’t exactly the best places anyway. They are usually filled with really old people wearing swimwear that covers 80 percent of their bodies. I want to go to the beaches where all the sexy people like to hang out and have fun anyway. It just seems natural that there should be an evolution in swimwear like there has been with everything else in life over the years. Thankfully, it has happened and bikinis are starting to become the next norm.

I have been wearing bikinis for a long time but only recently, the last five years or so, started wearing them out to the beach in front of others. I’m just glad that there are other men that are wearing them as well so that I don’t feel so out of place. While I did enjoy having my bikinis on under my pants, I was getting tired of keeping them hidden from everyone around me. But now I get to let my body and my bikinis be seen by everyone, which is something that I absolutely love to do on a regular basis. I get plenty of compliments, too.


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Wearing Bikinis and Having Beach Fun


How many guys can actually say they went to the beach wearing bikinis and had fun? I know of about five that could say that and actually mean it. My friends and I all enjoy wearing our bikinis out on the beach and we are usually the only ones out there doing it. Sometimes we might end up seeing a few other guys wearing a bikini of some kind but, usually, it’s just the six of us. We don’t mind all that much, though, if we are the only ones getting the attention of everyone else on the beach. In fact, we crave it.


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If you aren’t a guy that loves attention, then wearing bikinis is probably not the best option. You have to understand that everyone you see on the beach is going to be paying all of their attention to you and there is nothing you can do about that. You can’t expect to wear something of this nature and not have people staring at you wondering why you are wearing it. People just aren’t prepared for the fact that there are guys that love to wear a bikini when they go out on the beach.

I have been wearing bikinis since they first came out and got all of my friends into wearing them with me. They saw how great that I looked in them and they wanted to try to see if they would look as good, too. Fortunately for me, they did look as good as I do and that made them want to get even more involved in wearing them. Now I can’t get them to wear anything else but their bikinis; not that I was actually trying all that hard to get them to change. After all, I enjoy wearing them just as much as they do.